a fruit that is made by a tree.(that makes apples.)
Why dont people just say the definition of a apple is a fruit like i wanted?
by lunaneo1007 June 14, 2011
A secret between two people about a person that is about a particular person. That person is referred to as the 'apple'.
Kim: I like apple, it's really tasty.
by iloveboxesoflight February 14, 2011
Similar to a period or exclamation point and used by NeNe, from the Real Housewives of Atlanta, to punctuate a particularly cunty remark; derives from name of viewer who submitted question.
I still strip most nights for Gregg, Apple. He loves it. I am a stripper for my husband, Apple."
by FuglySlutSF December 01, 2008
(n) a solid fruit, usually containing seeds and a stem, surrounded by a skin.
(v) to throw such a fruit into someone's face, causing them pain/humiliation.
1. I love apples.
2. Geez why'd you apple me??
by randolf+slayer April 10, 2009
a scrumptious fruit
princess mia bit into the red apple. What a scrumptious fruit! she thought
by jungobananas July 12, 2008
when used properly you make a hole on the side of the apple and then make a small indention in the top. the top is where you put the "weed" it acts like a bowl when to cheap to buy a pipe. and then you light the weed and put your mouth on the hole, and then suck(:
tara: mmmmm i love me some apples!(:
pickle: no duh! doesn't everyone!:D
by jingles McPuffpuff May 16, 2008
A red or green circlish object in which you eat,has a core,and a stem.(a fruit)
I ate an apple today it was yummy!
by Kelsy and Macie February 14, 2008

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