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Slang for balls (which is slang for nuts(which is slang for testicles)) esp. when cold or when they are pink because of blood flow
Did you see that guys apples?" "I know they are tiny!
by kadenkk October 24, 2010
The act of giving and/or receiving an orgasm from a friend or lover.
Steven got an apple from his girlfriend sucking his manly part.

Billy Bob was working on giving Liano a apple.
by Steven Billy Bob August 06, 2010
An awesome computer hardware and software company that revolutionized the cell phone market three times (iPod, iPhone, iPad), and is constantly competing with exxon for the title of richest company in the world.

For some reason, a lot of people have come to hate it, even though they are the ones who made it such a huge company in the first place by buying all their products.
1- Man, Apple products suck! Why do people keep buying them!

2- Bitch, please. It's Apple.
by Name removed by the NSA December 14, 2013
Why the fuck are you searching for the word Apple? Either you mean the company that makes electronics or the fruit.

Either way, you're fucking stupid if you don't know what an apple is.
1.I'm not a motherfucking idiot and I like to eat Apples.

2. I love my Apple IPad!
by Tmoneu October 19, 2013
A nice, delicious and round fruit.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away,

if you throw it hard enough.
by Adoesh July 08, 2013
Why are you looking up the definition of apple?
by CCT123 June 11, 2012
anything you want. apple can mean the fruit, apple. Or it could mean keboard. You make up the definition
wow, look at that apple.
can you hand me the apple(book)?
by shanyomantreper December 30, 2009