Why the fuck are you looking up the definition of apples? ITS A FUCKIN FRUIT!
I ate the red fuckin apple
#apples #stupid #fuck #vagina #penis
by Spidernoises February 06, 2015
A nice, delicious and round fruit.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away,

if you throw it hard enough.
#apple #bananas #tomato #fruits #mango #pineapple
by Adoesh July 08, 2013
Red fruit
A is for apple
#apple #red #fruit #pot #milk
by Wreck-It Ralph April 04, 2013
Another word for breasts or tits.

People incorrectly replace this word for another fruit known as "melons".

Fuck you Aiden
Woah! She's got some cracking Apples!
by triaxis April 11, 2016
1. The round fruit of a tree of the rose family, which typically has thin red or green skin and crisp flesh. Many varieties have been developed as dessert or cooking fruit or for making cider or can help you get a wiggly tooth out

2. A company that makes electronics
I ate an apple and my tooth fell out.
#fruit #globoid #spheriod #globule #orb #citron #currant
by Desie09 February 05, 2015
To assist a goal, originating from the game of hockey.
Kate: Wow, did you see Alex's pass to Cameron?

Ashley: By far the best Apple I've ever seen.
#hockey #apple #assist #goal #great
by hockeylingo November 29, 2014
A company that takes everything that is good and pure in a software developer's world and makes it satanic. There is a picture that has the top of the Apple logo spun upside down and has the caption "Apple/Whatever we shit out, you will buy".
Person: lel al da mikerosuft nubs kent taek da powr uv apple
Intelligent person: *ignores the stupid person, while working on his/her application that has functions only possible on Windows*
#stupid #useless #overpricing #overrated #overdramatization
by kiefac September 18, 2014
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