A greedy-ass company that makes a shit tone of money and over-prices their products

Guy 1: Hey, want to go to the Apple Store and get a iPod Touch?

Guy 2:No. I would rather spend money on something that's worth 400 bucks. Like cocaine and hookers.
by Sir Shags-A-Lot January 02, 2009
A shortened version of apples and pears, which is cockneyrhyming slang for stairs.
"Let's run up the apples to bed then, shall we?"
by fatmatt January 24, 2005
Australian Slang for good
"She's apples" or "It's apples"
by MichaelS December 08, 2005
company behind:
Apple Macintosh (1984+)
iMac (1999?)
Mac Mini (2005)
iPod (2001)
Mac OS X (10)
System 7,6 ect
iWill log into my iMac G5, iSync my iPhoto files to Mi iPod Photo.
by the1bigboy March 22, 2005
Slang term for breasts.
Hey sexy, nice apples!
by MissionDoll November 11, 2004
A euphemism referring to a girl's hard nipples.
1: Wow, look at Jennifer Aniston's apples!
2: I know, I think that's why "Friends" was so popular.
by Slinky118 October 29, 2011
Red on the outside, white on the inside. A pejorative term used by Native Americans towards other Native Americans accused of "acting white," which would include such things as excelling in school, getting and holding a job, staying out jail, not drinking & drugging, and behaving appropriately in daily interactions with people of other races. Similar to the use of Oreo by African Americans.
That Native kid takes so much crap at home because he's getting A's and B's in school. His whole family thinks he's an apple.
by Peugeotjoker May 20, 2005

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