sometimes....a "juicy apple" a nice know..."apple bottom jeans"....
I just loooooove a nice juicy apple.
by LNix101 August 27, 2008
The last line of defense against Microsoft taking over the world.
If it wasn't for Apple, Microsoft would've already taken over.
by Mr. Hamster Man November 28, 2009
A secret inside term for sex.

can be altered by other words to make it funnier
"I buy apples from the girls over there"

"damn i am horney, i need apple martinis badly."
by Aisu Karasu October 18, 2008
An amazing girl; a joyful amazing girl, has red hair. A beutiful girl; Makes people around her joyful.
a girl that is amazing and shows everyone care, a truthful person. apple
by tom derw March 19, 2008
The most awesome computer company ever. (See also Macintosh, iPod, Alaskan Firedragon, (yes they created them,) and iPhone,
Apple Rocks!!!
by Swimman March 24, 2009
Sex and sex and even more sex
"I totally had Apple last night"
by shanaynaynayaa June 16, 2008
A derogatory term that pertains to black people. Apple is a symbol for black people usually meaning that they hang from trees either in lynching or as monkeys
John: K'sean u fuckin apple!
by Arsenio Demond Carter January 30, 2008
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