gay;fag:flaming homosexuals;this usually makes kids with the name shawn very mad.saying the power of christ compels you apaloosa to kids with the name shawn. means the same as SPRODE.
Me: hey wats up ur an appaloosa

You: wtf mate im not an appaloosa

You are a flaming appaloosa.
by heifer harry balls May 22, 2008
Top Definition
a breed of horse that generally but not always has spots all over it. Few spot, blanket, leaopard, snow flake, varnish, and frost are the names of the differet coat vairiations
"Wow" That horse looks like a dalmation. Its a Appaloosa breed.
by katybug August 10, 2007
An Appaloosa is a breed of a horse found by native Americans.
Look at my Appaloosa
by Appaloosa_lover January 12, 2016
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