Affectional, Passionate,Emotional, Sentimental !

Considered an offensive derogatory term when said to a guy.
Within the context, it could be used as a compliment when said to chicks.

N.B. when referring to a single person the letter "S" is omitted.
Women are APES.

Omar didn't leave his house crying for a week when Sarah dumped him, such a sissy APE!

Zak enjoys watching Grey's Anatomy, and his Favorite TV show is Alias, what an APE!

Nadia has PMS and just got fired, imagine how much of a moody APE she could be right now!

My girlfriend cried for an hour after we watched Griffin & Phoenix, She's the cutest APE in the world!
by TaGGaT December 15, 2008
Ape can be used as a general pronoun and generic verb, adverb, and any other part of speech. Monkey-like chimp-like mammal thriving on feces fights.

synonyms: (v) murder, prance about wildly, making general "ooks" and "eeks". (adj.) brown, smelly, great, amazing, glorious, bombastic, pompous, hilarious, massive, mischevious, murderous. (n.) monkey-like animals such as chimps, idiot, glorious human being, glorious feces-being, everything with the latin root "omnio". (adv.) brownly, smellily, greatly, amazingly, gloriously, bombasticly, pompously, hilariously, massively, mischeviously, murderously, badly. (intj.) You! Die! Stupid! Yes! No! Ihateyouyoushoulddie! Genius! Youfail!
Apeish Apes aped Apeishly
by The Ape Herder October 25, 2004
AP English - a term used to simplify AP English
Hey man you going to APE today?
by Trollers September 20, 2012
An exclamation to describe something or someone which is very cool or unique.
joey; Holy crap, did you see rex try and do a backflip and knock his teeth out?

CBB; I know, that was APE!
by Ciboibrown October 27, 2008
A term short for Apprentices at Camp Modin-a summer camp in Maine (the inspiration for the movie Wet Hot American Summer). The oldest group of campers. Usually such close friends they consider themselves family. Each ape is assigned a bunk to be in charge of-similar to a CIT or councelor-in-training. Most people consider their "Ape summer" to be the best summer of their lives.
Apes 2006 were okay, Apes 2007 will be better.
by Camp Modin May 24, 2007
gorgeous but heavily humble girl. usually funny as hell though.
Calls her mom fat ALOT.
and HERSELF. omg 4srs.
Hangs out with queens and AZNs.
AZN: Haha. Apes are so cool.

Guy: That Ape taught me how to get guys! Oh EM GEE.
by nubsfromthar January 09, 2009
When a person acts like a fool, and/or does something completely clumsy. Usually a term for when someone is intoxicated or high.
This kid just knocked over a TV, he's a fuckin Ape!
by Will Jerauld March 17, 2013

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