1. any person succumbing to to fits of irrational, reckless, stupid and lazy behavior

larry: did you hear that dwayne got another DUI?

curits: nah, that motherfucker is a total ape.
by piddy pat May 29, 2007
short for Advanced Placement English.
Do you have that 7 page paper done for APE class?
by N8Graham April 24, 2010
Advanced Placement Environmental Science

seems easy until you take the test...
"that APES test was ridiculously hard"
by haha345679 March 09, 2009
to be, or the feeling of being, or way of acting monsterous, wild, and untamed
(to someone wearing a bright shirt)
"that shirt is very ape"
by chase November 21, 2002
Acronym for artist, performer, and entertainer.
Im goin APE, meaning I'm doing it all.
by GT 1 July 15, 2011
You, me, anyone able to read this. An ape is anyone in the superfamily Hominoidea, including the family Hominidae (great apes), which is made up of Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Orangutans, and Humans. Not just black humans, but white, asian, hispanic, and any other type of human being.

Calling a human (regaurdless of his color) an ape is no different than calling a tiger a cat.
1. Hi, I'm able to process complex thought, therefore I am an ape.
2. I can use tools and recognize myself in the mirror, I must be an ape.
3. John: "You are an ape!"
Steve: "You too man!"
*high five*
by Beastin October 27, 2006
the ugliest guy in a group of guys who one girl (the wingman) always unfortunately gets stuck with and ends up hooking up with because everyone else is hooking up and it's awkward
girl 1: ohhh look at that guy, he's wicked hot
girl 2: but look at that APE with him... you know I'M gonna get stuck with him!!!
girl 1: no you won't, don't worry...
girl 2: it always happens! THEY FIND ME
girl 1: sorry dude, it's your job
by dan bonding August 13, 2006
ghetto black girls
its like a zoo in here with all of these apes
by Enor Mouscock October 21, 2010

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