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A bringing together of people who really dont give a fuck
The Apathy Club at Conard High School was canceled due to lack of interest.
by hehehe666 May 06, 2004

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1. see John Kerry's supporters
2. Boston Red Sox
1. Snap!! The apathy club gonna lose in November, Homeslice!
2. Pedro is the king of the apathy club.
by fucwad August 06, 2004
Apathy Club is a place for people who don't really give a shit to gather together and collectively not give shits.

If someone asks you if you want to join Apathy Club and you respond "I don't care" or "I don't give a rat's ass" then you are in.

I wanted to start my own Apathy Club at my school, but I figured nobody would care enough to show up. Plus, I didn't really care that much. There was a lot of paperwork.
Join Apathy Club... or don't... I don't really give a shit.
by NateDogg April 26, 2004
(see: non existant)
I was going to start an apathy club, but then i.....yeah....
by stifinbobifin April 24, 2004