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The infamous apartment that made St. Josephs College history. Known for crazy parties and stupid antics. Referred to as the creeps of campus for installing a stripper pole on school property, Building a frozen bar on the balcony with fridge/keg... which was used during blizzards, and throwing the most memorable halloween party ever, all of which later turned them into Gods. Credited for starting the first annual Tour De Franzia box of wine race. Without a.p.t. 2.0.7 many girls would have a scotch free reputation, unfortunately they met the pole. In memory of Pribb, Collin, Nasty Nate, Tuscon, and Steve ...Class of 2007
Hey whats going on tonight?

--I dunno, Lets going over to Apartment 207, I bet theres something going on there

No, My girlfriend is prolly on the stripper pole
by Big Steve 07 August 04, 2007
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