A class that can be extremely difficult or extremely easy depending on the type of teacher you have. I recommend asking older students what the teacher(s) at your school are like before taking this class.

Type A AP Euro Teacher
The teacher that makes it easy is a teacher that gives little to know busy work, actually talks about questions that will be on the exams, and gives curves. Some kids who are retards or are extremely lazy will still find a way to fail, but majority of kids will pass, and about half will pass the AP Exam. They will even let you share the work with other students at times. This is the type of teacher you want, if you get this kind of teacher, it is a great way to boost your GPA.

Type B AP Euro Teacher
This teacher likes to give 2-3 hours of homework every night, mostly considered busywork every night. Tests will be on the 8 chapters assigned the night before the test, and almost everybody will fail and there will be no curves. They will also create retarded projects, useless essays and make you memorize vocab words which wont be on the AP Test. This teacher will likely give you 5 different textbooks, and expect you to read every page of every textbook by the time the year is over. When the AP Test comes around, the 7 people who haven't dropped the class usually end up doing ok, but at the cost of drastically lowering their GPA. These teachers are responsible for roughly 8.2% of teenage suicide.
Student A:I love my AP European History teacher, I have a 95% and I barely study, he goes over all the test questions in class, and I only read chapter outlines on his website! My History teacher Rocks!

Student B:Screw you, There are no A's, 1 B, 3 C's, 40 D's and 80 F's in all of my AP European History teacher's classes, I spend 3 hours a night on homework and have to study 4 hours to get a D on a test, 5 students have killed themselves this year, 7 are in mental hospitals, 6 have eating disorders, 3 are in jail for trying to kill the teacher. AP European History sucks.
by Your Mom rides my pogo stick. December 03, 2013
A piece of shit plus everything that you hate in your life put together into one giant Lego that you will step on... Don't take this class. You WILL regret it and you will shit a brick. Specifically the Lego brick that you just made.
by King of... November 04, 2013
You have to be manly to take this class. I got A's each trimester in that class, u jelly? <trollface>

Covers European history (duh) from 1450 (approximate date of invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg) to the present day. While it is true that it is hard, use your document analysis skills you picked up in the class for DBQs and realize that the definitions on UD are kind of biased. This is an excellent class that make you supes smart.

The AP exam begins with a multiple choice section consisting of 80 questions; now if you get one wrong, you DO NOT get penalized (yeah!). This is hard, but it gets even harder. The writing section consists of a DBQ (document based question) and two FRQs (free response question). Your writing hand will probably throb after this test.
Jimmy took AP European History and learned about socialism; he decided that everyone should share this knowledge. But in application that doesn't really work, now does it? ;)
by AidanVonBismarck June 05, 2011
A great class, depending on your teacher. It's not that hard as long as you pay attention and think critically. I'm about to take my test on Friday and I am scared. BUT if you don't study... you will get an F and wonder why, and no one in the class will have sympathy for you because they're all either upperclassmen or geniuses.
The Mormons and Asians in my AP European History made fun of me when I told them that I failed the test last week.
by Garth Funker May 05, 2010
gay class with a shit load of reading
time to go to sleep
long nights of no sleep
class that you will fail and make you fail all of your other classes
shit theres a test tomorrow?
yeah! i heard its 100 fill in the blank questions
i have ap european history
by 0range hat June 20, 2010
a pointless class that is fulla CRAP
i shot nugges of ap european history out of my arse
by Josh Chong January 26, 2004
The study of American economics and paintings by artists who generally didn't do shit to influence anything outside their masturbatory circle of fellow painters
You're better off taking Art History instead of AP European History.
by TessHM March 15, 2015
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