A difficult AP class offered at most high schools, generally taken by sophomores. The multiple choice tests can be frustratingly hard and will cause you to hate whoever sets the curve for each test (usually the same person every time). Luckily, if you are smart and good at history you should be able to do fine on the essays.
My AP European History test is on Friday, but I should do fine. I can think my way through most of the multiple choice and can BS the essays if they are difficult topics I don't know shit about. If I'm lucky I should get a 5, but I'll probably get a 4 if I study enough.
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by a person named me May 07, 2008
A class that I spent making a list of 1000 things I like better than AP Euro....all I need to say is that Rebecca Black made the list...
Day 1: Damnn the AP European History teacher is banging, this will be a sweet class
Day 2: If only I hadn't clawed my eyes out from reading this crap then I could still enjoy my fine a** teacher
#worst-choice-ever-made #death #hot-teacher #ap-euro #anal rape
by Donald "Is an A**" Kagan April 24, 2011
The greatest class ever invented in the history of mankind. Even though it is really hard, no other class will teach you more about politics, economics, religion, and obviously history.
AP European History, when taught by an intelligent and unbiased teacher, opens up an entire new world of debate and personal enrichment.
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by Mr. Fitz rules September 07, 2006
A class taken by insane sophomores, otherwise known as a nervous breakdown. Countless hours of sleep gone forever. A hatred for history even though you were neutral on the subject before the class.
Student 1: I just took the AP European History test and almost went into a self-induced coma

Student 2: I just threw my AP Euro book in the pool! Take that $%&%#&^ Ms. (insert teacher name here)!
#nervous breakdown #class of death #ap european history #insomnia #hate
by Grewster October 11, 2009
a class that a few, very stupid, people will take in their sophomore year of high school. supposovly college level... i doubt even college students know this much about history.

pure hell during the year but its not impossible to do well. 3 hours a weekend doing the assignments and ur good.

as for the ap test. study early and watch the people around u crack when they realize the test is tomorrow. hehe

overall, learn a hell of a lot of shit u will never lose but... if ur ever transported back to the french revolution, you will know exactly what will happen, and what people to avoid.
a: so u taking ap european history next year?
b: what u kidding me, i have a life !
a: yea, but i think imma try for the credit
b: good luck to you.
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by i think i did well... May 23, 2009
A class that a high school student will take in hopes of trying to gain college credit. However, once taking the class, the student will realize the hell hole and shit storm of pain that they're engaged in and will probably just pass the class time trying to sleep.
Student 1: Dude what time did you go to bed last night?

Student 2: Damn man it was like 3. I had to finish my lit paper.

Student 1: Oh dang man that sucks I bet you're tired.

Student 2: Yeah but it's okay, I've got AP European History class next
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by Marcus_Fenix May 07, 2009
A class that tries to prepare students for the grueling life of a college student in high school, but fails miserably due to poorly written papers, Arial font, hyper-detailed projects, and insane amounts of homework that prevent a normal high school student from having a life.
Student#1: Hey Justin, wanna go to the party at Micheal's house?

Student#2: Sorry Mark, I have AP European History homework to do.

Student#1: Jeez man get a life.
#pointless #boring #tedious #insipid #ap euro
by Socia1 S1ayer September 14, 2009
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