Used in a sentence when talking near, or to a group of sluts or hoochies, to offend, or disrupt their train of thought.

Warning: If when using this word, and you do offend a group of hoochies or sluts, do not engage, to protect yourself from cathing STD's or any foreign diseases.
"GAWD, did you hear what that girl did ?"

"Not that I care"

"Well, ANYWHORE, she like totally ate that guys bal-"
by Octopodamous October 28, 2011
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A slang term similiar to anyway, anyhow, or anywho.
First guy: "Anywhore, whatcha doing tomorrow?"

Second guy: "Probably gonna chill out."

First guy: "Cool man, cool"

Second guy: "Yeah whatevah!"
by Chelsey May 31, 2004
Similar to anyslut, anyprostitute, or anyhooker. Used instead of anywho and anyway.
Person 1: "Woah I just spaced out! What was I saying?"
Person 2: "You were telling me about-"
Person 1: "Oh yeah! So anywhore, I was walking into class-"
by Acotas November 03, 2011

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