1. A person who, is fond of futility.

2. A person whom cannot live with themselves unless they try.
by Alyson April 21, 2003
Someone that is not against the war or its cause, it is someone that is just too scared to fight. See: Pussy Liberal Anti-American Hippie Democrat All Ivy League College Students
Johny: Hey look at that douche bag protesting, he is unthankful to those people in the military who believe in what they do for this country.
Charlie: Is that a swaztika on his arm?
Johny: Probably, this freedom of speech thing is way out of control, lousy democrats
by Womack March 08, 2005
A person who protests the war in Iraq, all the while ironically being responsible for it, since they voted for Nader in 2000.
Look at that hippy antiwar protestor, wait a second... didn't I see them at the Ralph Nader Rally?
by Oleo July 03, 2004
Old French bloke who got is so wrong.
Bonjour Saddam, mon Ami, Je Suis un "Anti-War Protestor" et Je suis tres stupide. J'allez au George Bush et Tony Blair manger le pie de humble.
by Jacques Chirac April 10, 2003
Attention whores. Only doing what they do to look important. Its just another fad, like mobile phones. It'll wear off when Bush declares war against Mexico.
<Kroney> Sir! The Antiwar Protestors are at your door!
<Bush> Did they bring pie?
<Kroney> Well, no sir-
by bastardized bottomburp June 22, 2003
"helpless person", a person that reads texts and shouts out against war. a relict of peacetime, because the futureworld is an americanplanet(ary) war-game with funny preemptivenuclearattacks.
a person, that isnt fromearth, owned by americans
hey! you just bombed a civillian americancrowd! thats illegal!

-no, that was my duty, because they where antiwar protestor(s)! i just did my job!

-sorry. then its oh-kay!

by nuketheworld April 20, 2003
a fukin bell who needs to feel the joy of firing a gun an needs to get a fukin life. fukin pricks!
every anti war protester is a thrustmaster!

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