Somebody willing to look ahead to see the dark, bleak road based upon the fear the government has instilled on its own people and rebel. Somebody who realizes that this war is more than it seems. Somebody making use of the forgotten First Admendment. An honorable miniority whose selective arrests should be grieved for as much as the honorable giving their lives.
America is and never will the same...
by The Omnipotent Seal March 28, 2003
1. Someone who actually questions what their government tells them, thus fulfilling the very idea of democracy
2. A person with enough intelligence to see right through Bush and recognize him for the moron he is
3. Anybody who opposes people who think that they can launch a war without the world's support.
by Anonymous March 06, 2003
One who is "on the other team" so to speak.

A type of person who would have enjoyed living under British rule and would have protested fighting for independence.

One who does not understand, Saddam was killing men, women, and children to terrorize his people. The men, women, and children we are killing are cassualties and the reason is that we want some stability in the Middle East. We want to see a free Iraq.

A very simple-minded person who just loves being the "freedom fighter" when in fact all they are doing is holding freedom back - and allowing tyranical regimes like the Hussein regime to stay in power.
Hey look at that anti-war protester! How cute!
by Steven July 11, 2004
Someone who opposes a particular war, or war in general, and protests against it. I don't want to get into whether they are right etc because thats just personal oppinions
The anti war protester marched up and down outside the mall with a sign saying 'more trees and less BUSHes'
by Abi April 29, 2004
Technically, since the definition is 'antiwar protestor':
1. one who protests against anti-war, dumbasses. i.e. anyone who is FOR WAR.
The conservatives for war who protest the liberals against war.
by savingtheday October 16, 2003
Rich little pricks who hate america,they sit on there asses and think holding up signs and blocking traffic will make a difference
Look at that nu-hippie anti-war protester
by R E B E L August 16, 2003
Someone who knows the horrors of war and its consiquinces. It's easy to say yoru pro-war when your just a person sitting abck watching the tv at home. However, by getting facts on war, you realize it is hell for the people who face it directly. War is not good but it will stay.
People who like war typically like Bush (One of the worste presidents according to an AP teacher).
by mikekk67 June 06, 2003
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