One who protests against a declaration of war by one's government. Most recently, they have been protesting against the Iraqi War thingie. Many are decent people who have genuine concerns about things, but there are also the fanatical shitbags who think that lying down in the middle of the fucking road during rush hour is going to solve anything. Those misguided individuals apparently think that preventing people from getting to work or to a hospital because they have severe burns is okay, but its not okay to tear down a dictatorship that has killed millions of its own people.
The majority of antiwar protestors you see on TV are raging narcissitic lunatics, but there are those who know that they can get their point across just by standing on the sidewalk or in a park without screaming their heads off at passers by.
by C-can October 21, 2003
Patriot; dissenter; someone who realizes that participatory democracy means not only voting to be heard and to influence the country. While there are some exceptions, a person who possesses a larger understnnding of geography, geo-political consequences of a country's foreign policy, and said country's place in the world.
Because of the anti-war protestors, the suits on Wall Street arrived late and didn't make the opening bell.
by radio August 09, 2003
Someone who believes that despite ending Nazism, Communism, Slavery, and Fascism, war never accomplished anything.
See all those antiwar protestors that think we should not have gone into Afghanistan
by Jeff February 27, 2004
a dirty hippie that thinks that his beliefs will get him chicks
cop: let the fire hose loose on those antiwar protestors(dirty hippies)... they sure do look like they need a bath
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
One who feels strongly against not going to war. The opposite of a war protestor or canadian. An antiwar protestor will push and move for a war.
The antiwar prostestor was perched in front of his TV set, throwing popcorn at it as a Peace Treaty was signed.
by TheLemonLlama February 10, 2004
Someone who was and is right. Someone who had the prescience and foresight to predict that the war in Iraq would come to no good, and would rather destabilize the entire mideast.
One who was harshly and wrongly criticized by those who do not have the balls to go and fight themselves, but have just enough cojones to bully others and talk tough.

One whos views will be validated by history.
How's that war going today, warmongers?? More innocent civilians and soldiers killed?? The hell you say! Now who could have predicted that???
by Veteran November 18, 2003
Brief history:
-America goes to war under false accusations against Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. During the judgement day of attack, protesters gather on the streets, its like the watergate incident, people got arrested. Did they get out of jail after the war? We don't know.
I said Dubya sucks, then a patriotic police officer punched me, and now i;m behind bars and nobody remembers me to get me out.
by Chang Tan October 26, 2003

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