People that have reason to not agree with a war that is taking place. These brave souls have always had to deal with people like the ones that have typed on this word but still battle on for there own beliefs.
I don't want this war as I don't think that it is right. I think I will get off my ass and tell the world what I know.
by Joe September 14, 2003
Someone who believes that despite ending Nazism, Communism, Slavery, and Fascism, war never accomplished anything.
See all those antiwar protestors that think we should not have gone into Afghanistan
by Jeff February 27, 2004
a dirty hippie that thinks that his beliefs will get him chicks
cop: let the fire hose loose on those antiwar protestors(dirty hippies)... they sure do look like they need a bath
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
Patriot; dissenter; someone who realizes that participatory democracy means not only voting to be heard and to influence the country. While there are some exceptions, a person who possesses a larger understnnding of geography, geo-political consequences of a country's foreign policy, and said country's place in the world.
Because of the anti-war protestors, the suits on Wall Street arrived late and didn't make the opening bell.
by radio August 09, 2003
A follower, sheep or other farm animal that feels superior to other people due his/her/its status as student, professor or unemployed, hatefully jealous of those more succesfull, treasonously friendly with know terrorists and disgustingly amoral and irrational with arguments.
"Me sooo smart, war bad, chimpy bush want to steal oil"
by joe August 11, 2003
people who dont understand sitting there doing nothing never solved anything and if the U.S. considers a war we obviosly didnt find a way to make a peace treaty
hitler came to power trying to take over the world but war took place and people did something about it and killed hitler. anti-war people dont understand this concept
by jon May 04, 2003
One who gives the impression of being against the use of force, but actually embraces it. For example, antiwar protestors actively decry the use of force against armed opponents of a foreign country, but actively support the use of force against unarmed citizens of their own country for the purpose of redistributing their wealth. They are typically the same ones who whine and gnash their teeth over guns, but yet ironically would be unable to force you to pay into various social programs were it not for the gun.
Jane Fonda was an antiwar protestor. Being a rich leftist, she was against the use of force, unless said force was used to redistribute your wealth into programs she deemed worthy.
by Vince October 30, 2004

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