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Attention whores. Only doing what they do to look important. Its just another fad, like mobile phones. It'll wear off when Bush declares war against Mexico.
<Kroney> Sir! The Antiwar Protestors are at your door!
<Bush> Did they bring pie?
<Kroney> Well, no sir-
by bastardized bottomburp June 22, 2003
One who feels strongly against not going to war. The opposite of a war protestor or canadian. An antiwar protestor will push and move for a war.
The antiwar prostestor was perched in front of his TV set, throwing popcorn at it as a Peace Treaty was signed.
by TheLemonLlama February 10, 2004
one who thinks war is not the answer, and also has no clue of how to ask the question...
journalist: do you think it's morally right for the military to shoot at people in a war zone?
rumsfeld: that was an antiwar protestor question...next?
by foxpaw May 05, 2003
Someone who was and is right. Someone who had the prescience and foresight to predict that the war in Iraq would come to no good, and would rather destabilize the entire mideast.
One who was harshly and wrongly criticized by those who do not have the balls to go and fight themselves, but have just enough cojones to bully others and talk tough.

One whos views will be validated by history.
How's that war going today, warmongers?? More innocent civilians and soldiers killed?? The hell you say! Now who could have predicted that???
by Veteran November 18, 2003
Brief history:
-America goes to war under false accusations against Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. During the judgement day of attack, protesters gather on the streets, its like the watergate incident, people got arrested. Did they get out of jail after the war? We don't know.
I said Dubya sucks, then a patriotic police officer punched me, and now i;m behind bars and nobody remembers me to get me out.
by Chang Tan October 26, 2003
an (usually) intelligent person with views that may slightly conflict with others and risk themselves for them i.e.-a respectable person

for all the people who are bad-mouthing the intelligent ones in our community, the only difference between you and them is balls... cause u apparently have none...
"i really admire that anitwar protestor for standing for what they believe in and i won't go on a site and call them stupid names because i am too cowardly to do it in public."
by AlabamaGurl October 18, 2003
Rich little pricks who hate america,they sit on there asses and think holding up signs and blocking traffic will make a difference
Look at that nu-hippie anti-war protester
by R E B E L August 16, 2003
Liberal Democrat that just wants to go against the Republican Party. Person with no shame and no common sense, Blocks traffic for food and other supplies for the military which if they succeeded would cause our troops to starve and die. These are people that should be put in jail for treason.
The antiwar protestor lacking any form of intelligence lay naked in the street to block the supply of food, water and ammo to the US troops.
by Happy to be american May 30, 2003