Attention whores. Only doing what they do to look important. Its just another fad, like mobile phones. It'll wear off when Bush declares war against Mexico.
<Kroney> Sir! The Antiwar Protestors are at your door!
<Bush> Did they bring pie?
<Kroney> Well, no sir-
by bastardized bottomburp June 22, 2003
One who arrogantly condemns "the other side" (e.g. Republicans) for being "ignorant sheep" who can't think for themselves, whereas it never enters their minds that someone can be intelligent and educated while still conceding the unfortunate necessity of war; that someone can disapprove of George W. Bush's administration but still applaud the removal of Saddam Hussein from power; that someone can side with the government and not be a brainwashed fascist; that someone can believe humans have nobler aspirations that look past their own self-interests.

***Intentionally spelled incorrectly as the proper entry (Anti-war Protester) is much less popular.***
"1. Someone who actually questions what their government tells them, thus fulfilling the very idea of democracy
2. A person with enough intelligence to see right through Bush and recognize him for the moron he is
3. Anybody who opposes people who think that they can launch a war without the world's support." ~ Anti-war Protestor
by SomethingWitty June 11, 2008
Someone who doesn't give in to everything that the government gives to you. They actually think for themselves. NOT unamerican, in fact, they are being very American by expressing their opinions.
by 1001 October 08, 2003
n.: a person who exercises their right to free speech, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. frequently loud and attention getting, as opposed to those that choose to sit idly by at home.
the antiwar protestors staged a demonstration in front of city hall.
by corvus brachyrhynchos July 25, 2003
One who takes time out of school not for the purpose of fighting for their belief but just to miss geography. One who blocks the traffic, that consists of the people going to work to earn money and pay taxes that provide the money for their social security/welfare/Austudy/living allowance. One who does not eat red meat because it's "just like you know..wrong to like eat a living creature", but one who eats chicken and fish. (What the?) One who is fighting something that gave them the chance to actual voice their opinion without being killed! The "non-conformist" who follows the pack and gives in the peer pressure. One who has enough time to paint elaborate 'no war' signs but not enough time to get a job. One who is pierced in several uncomfortable places.
The 'anitwar protestor' had to run around naked to get the attention of others because it was clear that without being naked, no one gave a shit what he had to say
by Holly March 31, 2003
Do you mean War Protester?
Or people who are against war protesters?
Could be Peace (Antiwar) Protester? A Peace Protester? What the fuck is that?
People against war who protest! OK I got it, now. A bleeding heart that would hand this country over to its enemies, if given the chance.
See idiot.
by FrankC March 15, 2004
People that have reason to not agree with a war that is taking place. These brave souls have always had to deal with people like the ones that have typed on this word but still battle on for there own beliefs.
I don't want this war as I don't think that it is right. I think I will get off my ass and tell the world what I know.
by Joe September 14, 2003
A person of liberal belief who protests the United States Military Action aganist a tyrannical regime while a Republican is President.(see Iraq)

This excludes Clinton's was Aganist Serbia because he was a Democrat.
Slobodon was opressing his people, but Saddam was not.

Most anti-war protesters are either aging hippies from the 1960's trying to regain their lost youth or cluless 18-25 year olds with little education and no job who live off thgeir parents money. According to national geographic society study only 7% of all American between 18-25 can identify Iraq on a map.

by Anonymous October 22, 2003
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