Similar to the term referring to shopping for older artifacts and objects, antiquing refers to a younger person sexually or romantically seeking the company of an older person.
Over the weekend, Jeff went antiquing at the local bar where he met Olivia who is 25 years his senior.
#antiquing #ancient #pre-historic #elderly #obsolescent #age-old #senior
by nicknc001214 January 22, 2014
Destroying old furniture that you don't own, generally while intoxicated.
He went antiquing on his way home from the bar, cost me $65.
#drunk #furniture #antiqueing #old #hilarious
by kleerwater June 13, 2011
To lynch a black person, coming from the slur antique farm equipment, used as an innuendo in most cases.
A: Wanna go antiquing?
B: I'm game to try anything once, mabye I'll start a collection!
A: Racist.
#lynch #lynching #antiqueing #hate crime #antique farm equipment
by Gibur November 03, 2006
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