A tiny town on the border of wisconsin and illinois that noone has ever heard of. its full of ugly people and drug addicts.. the schools are all old and the kids in the schools are bad influences. a lot of the kids' parents are on welfare, and try to look rich when they arent. a lot of corn and trees, not much to do. the movie theater had one movie running at a time.. closest city is gurnee (20 minutes away), pretty much the ghetto but white people who are ghetto. the guys tan a lot and whenever someone asks to go to the bathroom, their asking to go smoke basically. a lot of people skip classes. there are a lot of old people. and fat people. the hangout is walmart.. its pretty pathetic.. i wouldnt suggest living here its not a great place..
"Yo bro, leggo to Walmart!"
by antiochsuckks January 18, 2013
Top Definition
city in Califonia, epitome of bay area suburbia with the hang-out highlights being Wal-Mart and a movie theater; often known as the "Yoch"
"Get's get out of the Yoch and do something fun in the city."
by GracieLay March 15, 2005
The best suburban city in Contra Costa County, part of the "925" and also known as Yoch and Anti-Yoch. Antioch's dramatic increase of African-American residents from Oakland and San Francisco has led Antioch to be affectionately nicknamed "New Oakland" but all Antioch residents know Antioch is 5,672,489,762,489 times better than Oakland could ever be. Home of Deer Valley High, and another lame high school called Antioch High. The students who attend the middle schools are all sluts and potheads, but Antioch can still get hyphy and be as ridiculous as any other major city. 94531/94509 are it's two zip codes.
Let's chill at the skate park afterschool.
Is that in Antioch?
Duh, across from Deer Valley, nigga.
by Yadiggamajig925? June 24, 2006
A City in Eastern Contra Costa County halfway between East of San Francisco and West of Stockton that had the second largest track house developement in California next to Oranage county. The over building of large homes (many estate size) became well known in National News as the "Richest Ghetto in the US" after many of the home owners had lost their Jobs during the recent recession while their 5 year "liar loans" or ARM had expired at the same time as the recession creating a massive surplus of Large 2500-4000 sq ft forclosures often snatched up for a fraction of the building cost to investors who rented out the homes to "Section 8" for "Guarenteed Monthly Rent Income". Often locals complained it was unfair that their 2 income family, Friends, who found themselves evicted and living in tents in fields while Section 8 families moved out from the Urban areas of Oakland and San Francisco to move into the same houses payed for by Tax Payers. The new locals renamed the town as "The Yoc" or "Yock"
by crackaYack September 13, 2011
A small town about 5 mins from the border of wisconsin. Everyone knows eachother and it's full of a lot of ugly people. Lets not forget the local hangout Walmart. You can't go the the store without running into someone you've fucked. Plan on seeing a shit ton of corn.
Hey did you go to that awesome concert in antioch?

No , because nothing like that ever happens here.
by Jlove773 June 20, 2011
Antioch (ant-E-yock) proper noun

Antioch is a strange city located about an hour east of San Francisco, where wild turkeys, wiggers, and crime run rampant.


-White male (who acts/dresses like he's from some kind of hood) says: "Daaaamm nigga! Look at all dem motha fuckin turkeys runnin around!"...
-Similarly dressed white male (with the same accent) replies: "Das wassup!"
The city of Antioch is a precious gem in the state of California if a precious gem where the same thing as stepping in a fresh pile of dog shit with no shoes or socks on, and the poo was still warm
by Coolcandy October 14, 2014
A city in California. Many crack whores here dump their babies at the hospitals, intending to give them up for adoption and never seeing them again. They never try to get contact as the kid grows up because they're too fucked in the head with all of the drugs and booze. ANTIoch may seem like a quiet, nice, innocent and lovely little neighborhood, but in reality, it's a hellhole. Drug dealers, prostitution, stealing, violence, all kinds of shit. Fuck this place. Never trust it!
Jennifer's mom was a crack whore from Antioch, California who neglected her as an infant. After she crapped her kid out at the hospital, she left, never seeing her again. Her mom went back to the streets of good ol' Antioch and returned to her drug-dealin,' crack smokin,' one-night-standin,' self! Poor Jenny had to grow up knowing her mother was a druggie slut, so therefore, whenever she thought of Antioch, she immediately pictured a life of drugs, sex and violence.
by zetco September 29, 2006
(Referred to by King Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail) Place of origin, of which the Holy Handgranade was made and obtained until used against the beast guarding the cave (of Kire Bannor) entrance (not just a rabbit).
Sir Galahad: "We have the Holy Handgranade."
King Arthur: "Yes of course, we'll use the Holy Handgranade of Antioch. Brother Maynard, please bring us the Holy Handgranade of Antioch."
::Die es Jesu domine, donne e is requiem::
Brother Maynard: "Armaments, Chapter 2, Verses 9-21"...
by MrObvious March 17, 2005
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