Wide spreading musical term to describe DIY modern urban story telling. First coined by new york antifolk sugar daddy Lach, and now accepted by many as a genre within itself. Antifolk music can be acoustic or electronic, the common thread is the substance of the content and the zest of the delivery. Antifolk is now a rapidly developing UK phenomina. See antifolk.org antifolk.co.uk
Mouldy Peaches, Ivor Cutler, Mertle, Milk Kan, Bobby McGees, Kid Carpet, The Fall etc
by Larry Pickleman April 26, 2005
Top Definition
Roots in punk rock, combines raw, frequently politically charged attitudes of the punk scene with the sounds of American folk tradition. It sounds raw and poorly executed, but mocks the seriousness and pretension of the established mainstream folk scene, and also mocks itself.
Some say Beck has been influenced by the Antifolk scene in New York.
by Ms. Latham March 16, 2007
lofi music made by a sad and 2-day guitarist who tries to reinvent folk and blues. Commonly used for boring music style that will length a short period of time. Could be replaced by electroclash.
moldy peaches, etc...
by love poney July 19, 2003
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