Marilyn Manson is the antichrist, he will bring an end to all christian scum!
Marilyn Manson, proudly boasts:
"Hopefully, I’ll be remembered as the person who brought an end to Christianity."
you dont need an example its just obvious. Marilyn Manson is the antichrist and thats that
by 666EOD666 February 26, 2008
1. See Bush, Adolf W.
2. See Gates, Bill
Read the real news instead of the mainstream brainwashing and you'll see who the Antichrist is.
The Antichrist (as per definition 1) did 9/11, and the Antichrist (as per definition 2) makes sure access to real information is denied.
by The Anti-Bush March 08, 2006
George W. Bush! Need I say more?
If there is such a thing as the antichrist, Bush is IT!
by gargoyle September 10, 2005
A filthy sob who had the shit kicked out of him by our lordjesus christ he is one homosexual motherfucker and even though jesus is skinny he still destroyed the anti christ

the anti christ will rise again...

Chuck Norris is ready though and will make short work of this motherfucker peice of shit
Satan sucks.Anti-Christ is also gay.They have sex.
by Jewish Pimp September 22, 2006
Usually someone who is really bad and evil and does bad things. Like Hitler. Not necessarily against christ, mind you. Just a bad guy
BUT, in latin, "anti" means other, so in latin anti-christ means "the other christ."
How fucked up is that?
Anti-christs are bad people.
by Rook November 08, 2003
The One who will kill the Christian/Jewish/Islamic God known as Yahweh. See also Zewe.
...And they will flock to His banner...the earth will crumble beneath the feet of His enemies...impenetrable walls will collapse at His command, and lightning will strike where He points, wreathing His enemies in the flames of Hell. He is the Antichrist.
by The Prophet November 22, 2004
Any Democrat anarchist like Gore, Clinton, Kerry, et. al. Esp. when they have no real ideas but only want to rule the world. Hypocrites that hate W for no reason other than what the liberal media tells them to think.
That anti-christ has a "Stop the War" bumper sticker next to a "Free Tibet" sticker...what do they want? The UN to free Tibet?
by kirkill June 22, 2005

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