the spawn of satan, and the brother of Abalam, it has cat like eyes, and no soul. it goes by the name "Doug" and claims to be the best at any sport he tries, even if he was second string on the freshmen team as a sophomore, and got cut from basketball because he couldnt make frosh. the Son of Satan resides in Frenchtown MT and is a MEGA-DOUCHE.
"hey there goes the anti-christ, trying out for the basketball team."
"ah man, now i won't make the team because he'll beat me out of my spot."
by wutupbreh December 08, 2010
created by the writers of the bible to encourage those following to ignore and damn anyone who questioned or spoke against the preposterousness therein
Bible Writer: What do we do if people don't believe this crap?

Other BW: Let's make an "antichrist" character who the other bible characters hate and warn about. and lets make it someone smart and like-able, just in case the person who calls us out is smart
by brandon dean mccann November 06, 2008
George W Bush. The anti-christ is the exact opposite of christ; the son of Satan.
George W Bush is the antichrist.
by Gunkglumb June 08, 2005
The son of Satan... (or some evil guy,) with 666 printed on his forehead (maybe in blood, maybe with a red paintbrush - who cares)who is going to destroy the world (or do a drive-by at KFC...).
Possible people who are the Anti-Christ:

George W. Bush
Barney the Dinosaur
John McCain
Lord Voldemort
Chuck Norris
Al Kahn - the 4kids guy


Whoever paid off Matt Groening to greenlight the new (utterly shit) simpsons episodes.
by (Ur Face) September 19, 2008
Anyone whom you despise, dislike, hate, etc. with a strong passion
the ultimate diss
"My ex-husband is the antichrist"
by chewingonions May 07, 2009
I'm surprised no-one's said Marilyn Manson yet. That's what the media think.
"And the world spreads its legs
For another fuckin' star!
'Cause I AM the all-american Antichrist.
I was made in america,
And america hates ME for what I am.
I am YOUR shit.
You should be ashamed of what you have eaten."
by Beka May 14, 2004
A man that will come up from no where *cough Obama*, and deceive many people *cough Obama*, and will be possessed by the devil himself *cough Obama* and will try to get as many people to go away from God *cough Obama*
1: Dude, did hear about the new president?
2: Ummmm... no, I'm not informed about current world events, I only play WoW all day. Who is it?
1: Oh, his name is Obama.
2: Who? I can't hear you, did you say Antichrist?
1: Yeah.
by remodwof March 04, 2009
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