Just as "Christ" is a translation of "messiah", someone the Jews believed would come and save them, "Anti-Christ" was originally coined by pre-Christian Jews to mean an evil dictator who oppressed the Jewish people.

Moreover, it was originally a pun on the name of the original "Anti-Christ", a guy called "Antiochus Epiphanes", who persecuted the Jews during the Maccabean period (2nd Century BC).

The term was later borrowed by Christians to refer to Satan.
Adolf Hitler was quite literally an Anti-Christ - an evil dictator who oppressed the Jewish people.
by Dr Pinch July 24, 2006
ok then i'll say

Someone who,according to the bible, is in opposition to Christ, will spread hatred, will spread evil, and, will rule part the world....which means that someone that you say, "Your rulez!" can also apply to this definition as long as he spread hatred, and evil. It is said that these antichrists will rule the world until the second coming of Christ....

Possible antichrists, according to critics and opinions: Marilyn Manson,Hitler, etc etc...but you can find them anywhere...let's say North Korea...
Every single prophecy said in the old testament had come true...now what about the new testament...about 80% has come true...which are the flourish of atheism, antichrists, evil actions, famine, poverty, natural disasters (ozone layer, global warming...), etc etc etc. Now we shall wait for the climax...the second coming of Christ and the end of the world...apparently, it's coming soon, so buckle up!
A particle with the same mass, spin and quantum properties as a christ, but an opposite charge.

It will annihilate when it comes into contact with a christ, producing a gamma ray photon and a lambda neutrino.
We're getting an antichrist signature from the CERN data that could support Dr. Weisenhoffer's theory.
by George McBob June 29, 2009
GEORGE W. BUSH of course!!!
If you don't belive George Bush is the antichrist then you have already fallen under his power of deception!
by Snick and Fsquirrel June 06, 2006
The antichrist is the opposer to everything holy in the world and the one who will control the earth when tribulation comes. He will place himself before God and everything else he will proclaim he is god. He will fool the majority of the earth's population with his deception and charisma, and will attempt to wipe those whom oppose him off the earth...but after his 7 year rule over the earth he will be destroyed along with satan and all evil.

And no I really doubt marilyn manson is the antichrist. the antichrist will be someone of immense power and will probably be good looking, intelligent, and charismatic people will follow him because of his deception and leadership skills and he will rise to power.

marilyn manson is a freak the real antichrist will be the least likely person claiming to work in the name of peace and general good but sowing the seeds of evil.

It is highly possible that there is always an antichrist on the earth due to the fact satan does not know when The Day of The Lord will come.
At the end of tribulation Jesus will throw the antichrist into the lake of fire(hell).
by Humble follower of Jesus March 18, 2008
an opponent to Christ, someone who does great evil and causes misery for many people, the victims numbering in thousands or even millions. Roman Emperor Nero was one of the first rulers in history to be labeled as an anti-Christ. Today, some people think that George W. Bush is one, too.
Adolph Hitler,Benito Mussolini,Hideki Tojo,Slobodan Milosevic,Joseph Stalin,Mao Tse-Tung, Auguste Pinochet and other dictators all have had oppressive rule, influenced the minds of millions, and killed and hurt just as many.
Their regimes were totalitarian and violent, leading millions astray. They often claimed to be standing for morals, but they practiced great evil, sometimes in God's name. They are the Devil's best friends. Each one of them is a modern anti-Christ.
by Starpunk January 14, 2007
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