people who know there is a better way to solve problems than murdering thousands of young men and women
They say we must fight to keep our freedom,
But Lord knows there's got to be a better way.
~edwin starr
by 1 proud hippie May 09, 2005
Top Definition
Supporting the troops, not the war.
Hippy: "F*ck you! Baby killers!" (Spits)

Knowledgeable Liberal: "Hey man, be anti-war the proper way! Don't hate on the men and women serving everyday to protect us, but question IF we need protecting in the first place!"
by Degree7 August 10, 2009
adj. when used to describe a person's stance on war. The act of being against that which modern civilization is built on. The same person that goes to church every sunday and prays for a god in whose name we have been slaughtering muslims for thousands of years. And muslims have been killing christians in the name of their god for similair amounts of time. Anti-war sentiments are simply people denying that which makes them human and trying to change a wholy unalterable species. War is the building block of every good society and without it no one would be here today.
The french are anti-war pussy's that have shit for an army. Lets see how well they fair next time Germany attacks
by desktop_general March 20, 2003
Anyone who thinks that "realize" and "release" are both identically spelt "relise" Fucking moron
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
People who are against war are cool cause they know lifes too short to hate and they actually live their lives.
Person 1- "The War's on CNN man."
Person 2-"Fuck war, lets go to the pub and get shitfaced."
hippy who thinks peace is right no matter what
"Nah, she's not reasonable, she's anti-war, no matter what the issue"
by mbbg0 December 09, 2003
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