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cunts who have no life or brain so they bitch 24/7 about smoking.
get a life, it's people's choice! where's free will?
the reason smoking is unhealthy is because you have to put up with anti-smoking bullshit.
on a street:
anti-smoking dumbass: you know smoking is bad for you *while drinking large amounts of coffee*
smoker: oh, really?
by luminiscent February 10, 2006
1) adj. Description of one who is against smoking in a particular place, or smoking alltogether (esp. tobaco smoke)

2) adj. Part of the cause to remove harmful tobacco smoke from partiuclar parts of society - ranging from workplaces and indoor public places, to ALL public places, to banning smoking alltogether.

USUALLY those who are anti-smoking are mostly focused on helping to pass laws that ban workplace and public indoor smoking. Those who want to extend it to include all of outdoors are a bit more rare, mostly because it's alot more difficult to do.
The tobacco industry has very powerful lobbyists, so the anti-smoking movement has a hard time getting smokefree legislation passed to protect public health, despite the fact that it's a no-brainer.
by JessK March 15, 2005
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