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1. Unlovely language spoken to communicate boring practical information or other mundane ideas. Talk of insurance policies, long distance calling plans, or investment banking invariably produces anti-banter.

2. The opposite of banter. It is hypothesized that when banter and antibanter meet, they annihilate one another.
As my boss launched into a painfully detailed lecture on the new filing system, I felt myself sinking into the black hole of his anti-banter.

Miri is Sarah’s other half, the banter to her anti-banter.
by Ferret Frolicker September 23, 2006
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Someone, a killjoy, generally not participating in banter that is happening at the time, like cling filming a person's car or pranking a load of people because they are too wuss, too tired or for any reason for that matter
Stop being anti-banter and help us cling film the van.

I'm not tired, stupid anti-banter eyes.
by Craig Donaldson August 29, 2006
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The antithesis of banter, open to interpretation. It can be applied to a wide variety of situations

The worlds worst possible insult. one does not want to be accused of antibanter or be described as an antibanterer

Antibanterer: a person with the rare skill of stopping banter dead in its tracks, worst than shanter or even ganter.

usually occurs in aspirational girls who shun jokes as a distraction to their "climb"
Chap A:wow that girl is such anti-banter

Chap B: yeah mate i know, she demonstrates the skill of antibant
by antibant police January 19, 2012
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Oppositely charged banter. As opposed to banter, this often occurs in the form of a statement or comment which incites no laughter or positive emotional response from the recipient audience, though it may in rare cases provoke the audience to hit, swear at, or look pitifully upon the one who discharges the antibanter. Nobody is immune to antibanter comments, but women are more prone than men.
Antibanter, in it's most common form:

Men: 'Hahahaha!'

Enter Woman

Woman: Hahaha!

Men:... * some vomit*

Man: Leave.
by Xiye7 March 04, 2011
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