1) A person with no family history of military service, particularly if said person wears a cap with the word "England" on it.

2) Anyone who has US citizenship but doesn't know any part of the second verse of the national anthem.
That antiamerican is going to spend a year in India. That probably proves theism somehow.
by Say-Can-You-See July 14, 2008
A Hater Of The Genral American Peoples
Damn americans, need to pull there heads outta there ass.
by JugglaJaY September 13, 2004
someone who is commonly mistaken for a liberal. Someone who usually resides in america and hates it so much that htey don't leave.
There's a big difference between liberal and anit-american
by Gerbil September 15, 2004
Scum who are oblivious to how lucky they have it here in the United States. American-born anti-Americans are the worst.
"If you don't like it then fuck off."
by Dave September 13, 2004
People like Chirac, Shroeder who have such blind hate and generalization of America that they would sell weapons to communist China and endanger Taiwanese lives and anyone else just to get their point across.
I must also mention the fact that France and Germany had secret weapons and oil deals with Saddam Hussein, which is why they opposed the war. Well that is not so secret anymore.

France also donates millions each year to the sub-human PLO and Hamas who blow up civilians and then whine about Isreal.
by I_Hate_Liberals September 03, 2004
Liberal. Whites supporting a big White-general-sucide to let to the mexicans take over all.

Bush- I hates America. America should be destroyed. I am liberal. Calling to the anti-american mexicans.
Democrats- I hear you, Sir
Mexicans- Undocumented workers of doom ready.
Republicans- Now... we gonna kill ourself.
by Erick the patriot September 27, 2006

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