tradesmen defined anti-american as:

"To be against America or Americans."

What exactly does that mean? To be against America. In what aspect?

I live here, I was born here, I pay taxes. I don't plan to move. I like it here.

Since I live here and I like it here, would you consider me pro-American?
Tool: You anti-American liberals are commies.
Educated Person: Look up what communism means before you start going off blindly.
by StartsWithW December 20, 2009
What everyone seems to be Nowadays. It seems to be the trendy "in" thing.
Ignorant teen: I hate america!!
some guy:Why do you hate america? we have it great here! Sure George W.Bush isen't the best thing that happened to America but that doesn't mean you have to hate the country that basically gives you the freedoms some other countries aren't allowed. We also have a huge supply of food that keeps you're fatass from starving, You spoiled twat.
by iwannabeanalcoholic March 16, 2005
Some people see it as being against Americans as individual people (like being racist, except against anyone from America).

Others see it as being against the American government or parts of the American government. So technically, an American could be anti-American.
I can't think of an example...
by someone_036 May 29, 2005
The mother of all anti's, second only to anti-abortion. A rhetorical handgrenade thrown at anyone who questions/critisizes the state, or who otherwise fulfills democracy. Aslo known as intellectuals, academics, the French, Democrats, left-wingers, activists, thinkers, the ROW, and...well....pretty much anyone who has the mental capacity to think for themselves.
While 69% of Americans believed Saddam was directly connected to 9/11, the other 31% was scoffed at for being "anti-American"
by sinn98 September 14, 2004
A broad sentiment of opposition to things, policies, or aspects that are American, in recent times associated with opposition to the United States — though originally it applied to criticisms of all nations and peoples of the Western Hemisphere. Also, a person who expresses such sentiment.

Anti-Americanism in its most stereotypical form is the irrational hatred of the United States and all its people, thankfully only espoused by a minority to which the quote below applies.

In more broad, ambiguous cases, it can also be construed as simple, fair criticism of foreign policy, culture, worldview, etc., which can come from people both at home and abroad.

In other cases, it can be a propaganda vehicle in troubled countries like Iran and North Korea, where such a common sentiment unites the people and distracts them from the numerous social problems that surround and plague them.
"Anti-Americanism is a horror. ... It is a magnet of the worst. In the entire world and in France in particular, everything that is the worst in people's heads comes together around anti-Americanism: racism, nationalism, chauvinism, anti-Semitism."
~ Henri-Bernard Levy
by not some crazy Bush supporter August 21, 2005
1. A foriegner, who never has and never will visit America, but still likes to crack on American's because no one's around to kick there ass for it. (Castro, The French, etc...)
President Bush: "They are no longer french fries, from now on we'll call em' freedom fries!"

Vice-President Cheney: "That's what they get those frog-eating anti-american pussies!"
by Pat C. September 11, 2004
noun. A liar conspiring against our nation, e.g. Geroge W. Bush.
George W. Bush, through his anit-American policy declaring war on Iraq, has declared himself to be the dictator of the world.
by True Patriot September 11, 2004
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