pronounced An-tee NOT an-ty

A word used in the Virgin Islands to call someone gay or a fag. Most commonly heard in the schools of St. Thomas.
John:I hate brokeback mountain
Dominique:Yea that dude is anti
by LEOGEO November 06, 2009
Someone who is lazy or does not do good work. It can also be referred to when something is bad.
For example, Someone who does not have a job and is not looking for a job can be called anti. it can also be used when something is done incorrectly. lets say someone does not pick up after they are done. You can say anti.
by Jumpinjoe July 16, 2010
1) One who has fun at all costs, does not care what others think of him and will risk anything for his friends.

2)Usually the person sitting next to you in the jail cell going "I didn't know you could use tacos like that!"
The anti in the group is the one who rarely boring
by The_Reaper May 27, 2004
someone who is a loser, socially awkward and gets no girls
wow chill with that... you anti!
by googglleee April 21, 2010
The woman married to Bob, your uncle.
Oh goodie! A present from me anti.
by Super Genius May 22, 2005
Term used in MMORPGs refering to someone who is against RPKing, and may or may not go out of his or her way to fight those who do.
Those guys in KGB say they are anti, but I think they're just as bad as any other rpk out there.
by [LK]Myrik December 14, 2004
A person who will do anything in their power to stop spam.
That damn anti got my site killed!
by valium December 23, 2003

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