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Ant·eat·er (Ant"-eat`er), n.

An uncircumcised man.
1. Check out that guys crotch, it looks like an anteater.
by Chris March 15, 2005
Someone who has an uncircumcized penis
Michael Ramos has an anteater
by Honkey March 30, 2004
one who is not cercumsized!!
Mack Healy has an Ant Eater dick
by pimp September 25, 2003
A derogatory slang term used by uneducated North Americans to describe an uncircumcised penis.
However, in the rest of the world, it is simply another name for an aardvark, because it is only in North America where non-Jewish people are circumcised.
In fact, just a warning for people thinking of travelling outside of small town Canada or USA someday, keep the "anteater" comments to a minimum, because the rest of the world finds mutilating a baby's penis when he is born to be barbaric and disgusting.
Dumb Canadian: lol you have an anteater

Rest of the world: you're uncultured and stupid
by DCMDCM December 28, 2009
A slang term referring to an uncircumsized penis, hence its anteater-like appearance. AKA: Ante, Eater. NB: AL is the biggest eater of them all!!!
(Person 1) Al, get cut.

(Person 2) Al, you're such an eater.

(Al) Fuck you! I'm not circumsized and proud of it!
by Shaan February 14, 2004
the part of an uncircumcized penis that looks like the mouth of an anteater - it's like a snake with a sock over it's head.
I took off this dude's pants and i saw an anteater!
by pedro-hoss April 10, 2006
The act of hanging ones penis out of an unzipped paid of pants.
Johnny unzipped his trousers, revealed his manhood and whilst presenting it to the audience proclaimed loudly;
"Everyone, I have an anteater! Check him out."

Male Etiquette: performing the ant eater is only socially acceptable when done so without an erection.
by dr_peanut April 02, 2009