1.a term used to describe people who love to eat dogs pupils out of their socket.

2. a term used to describe people who like to eat shit during class and throw pig fat at teachers
i cant think of something with anouka
by Mr. I poopoo in your face January 03, 2010
Top Definition
1. usually the term for a strong craving of ketchup mixed with celery and pumpernickel bread

2. can also be a term used to describe that one person at a barber shop who licks all the hair off of the floor when nobody is there
1. ex: OMG ive had a huge anouka lately! and now i am always sick! FML.

2. ex: My brother pulled an anouka the other day at the barber shop after i cut my hair. it was so embarrassing.
by fabsters January 03, 2010
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