Common slang on "Jackass" for injury, usually by the Pennsylvannia boys (Ryan, Bam, Brandon, etc...)
"I'm Ryan Dunn and I'm about to be towed through some haggard corn fields here and get annihilated."
by trixter1138 September 05, 2003
Top Definition
To reduce to a state of non-existance. To remove all trace of. Destruction in its ultimate form.
I annihilated that mysterious butt itch with one scratch.
by tt February 16, 2003
Kill, destroy, obliterate, decimate, eradicate, smash, crush, beat the living shit out of... all good examples of annihilation, must I say more?
What I will do to you if you don't go away.
by Your Momma In A Two Piece December 13, 2004
to destroy completely
i will annihilate your family.
#destroy #kill off #vanquish #reduce life of #cancel the effect of
by amberjeffrey January 05, 2009
To Fuck the shit out of a girl
I annihilated her ass last night!
#fuck #intercourse #knockin' boots #doin' the nasty #etc.
by chino Fresh April 30, 2006
1. To reduce to nothing, to destroy, to eradicate.

2. The action garlic (the vegetable) has on pretty much anything threatening to a living body's health.
i was getting sick a few weeks back and i just ate and ate garlic and it annihilated (from Annihilate ) what ever it was I was getting"
#annihilate #annihilation #annihilated #annihilating #annihilatious
by cnm1802 March 22, 2009
what the lord did to egypt... antibody-anni nile(river) hi-high late as dead(annile-hi-late)!?
Moses(mo says) used plagues to annihilate egypt.
#annilelated #annihilated #annihilation #obliterated #decimated
by Marc Edenfield September 29, 2007
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