The really hot girl that paints her desk with nail polish at random times, generally when watching porn.

super horny all the time for every guy's cock. she wants it real bad and gets sick from eating cupcakes.
1. Is she painting her desk?
2. Yeah, she's an Annie.
1. Oh, really?!?! So her cat raped her?
by The Real Dr. X February 03, 2010
a heat parasite;
one who steals heat from men; can only be defeated by a spin move
She is such an Annie!
by Brendenhebert December 27, 2008
People with name of Annie will definately be a drama queen. Don't be surprised if they are attention hogs. Also very self absorbed! If you can avoid them at all cost good!
Annie is a drama llama
by drama_hater March 11, 2010
A derogatory term for a baseball groupie looking to score big and either land a ballplayer for a hubby or cause the baseball player to have marital problems. Might conveniently forget to use birth control. They get better looking the higher the level of baseball. See baseball Annie.
That Annie nailed that baseball star and then sent pics of it to his wife and to the newspaper, and now she's asking for child support.
by koalaroo February 28, 2008
You pulled an Annie by making out with five guys or other doing other things with them in the same night!
by verticies November 18, 2008
A term used to describe powdered methamphetamine, derived from a particular chemical (anhydrous ammonia) used in the manufacturing process.
I've got an ounce of annie for sale.
by The Zodiak November 19, 2007
Bogan Lesbian
Hey look, an Annie! She's such a bogan lesbian
by 232134 October 18, 2009

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