Post-tipsy and semi-drunk
Why so Annie, Annie?
by Montycarlo14 June 20, 2010
Most females named "Annie" are bitches that like getting into other peoples business that doesn't involve them in anyway. They often sound like squirrels and like to assume everything they hear is true and spread it everywhere. They are also very hypocritical. Overall many Annie's are f*cked in the head. (Some Annies are awesome though)
Don't tell Annie anything even if its not true she'll spread it everywhere.
by NOTIKE22 July 16, 2011
a cold hearted term for a black man who is a "pussy" or a scared lil bitch...or a gay black man
DeJuan- "yo did you jus hear that scream?...sounds like a town just got hit by the bubonic plague"

LaDon- "na bra thats jus that weak ass Annie motha fucka next door....hes scared of spiders...he makes our race look bad"
by BRELL999 January 31, 2011
Someone who makes their shopping lists in the order of the supermarket layout.
Annie's knows the pears are next to the apple because it's on her list.
by Bingen March 12, 2009
one of the nastiest backstabbing slut your ever met, dont get close to her or she'll rip your life apart and take away all your friends.
"Your turning into an annie"
"why you being an annie?"
by YourMumIsInMyBedSoComeJoin August 19, 2011
The word in south'west london which relates to being a don. If you say someone is being Annie, dey are acting hard, greazy, n people shud look up to dem. Can also mean havin immaculate swagga.
''Ayy Dese mandem are too Annie For me fam''
''Raaahteeddd her swaggerss annie famm!''
by stikupkidz January 13, 2010
Someone who makes their shopping lists in the order of the supermarket layout.
She was in and out of the supermarket in no time, her shopping list was made by an annie!
by Bingen March 12, 2009

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