Fun, energetic, beautiful girl. She is true to herself. And everyone loves an Annie. They tend to have big boobs. They always have their hair and makeup done up. Everything they sounds seductive, can have a high pitched voice especially when they say "OMG!". They are very sexual. All the guys love them. They dress a bit trashy without realizing it. They will always have your back. They are the baddest bitches and everyone loves them. They always have two guys they are hooking up with at once.
"Wow she is so great and looks amazing... but what are those pants!"

"Her hair looks beautiful"

Guy: "Wow I had the best night with Annie"
by girlgirl2 February 08, 2013
A person who can always make you happy. Has a bit of a personality disorder, making her seem younger. Has a long hard past, and can never meet the right person. When she does though, she becomes a housewife. She'll never be disobedient and will love you forever.
Man! I am so in love with Annie! She's perfect!
by heythere12345 March 20, 2013
The most wonderful girl in the world. She'll stay up all night talking to you on the phone and will always be fun to talk to. She's beautiful, funny, cool, never awkward and everything you want in a girl. She doesn't hang out with all the popular girls that all the other boys like which makes her even better. She'd rather stay home and watch scary movies and keep up on all her shows besides getting dressed up and going out. When she does go out, she's very casual dressed which makes her even more beautiful. She plays videogames which everyone likes in a girl. She has anxiety problems and doesn't like crowds, she gets nervous about small things and always tells you about them no matter what. She'll talk about other girls and gossip about them with you. She'll talk about bands and the boys in them even if you're a boy. She'll always be there for you when you're down. She is the best girl you will ever meet.
Wow she's really cool, I bet her name is Annie
by Felipecruz July 04, 2014
Annie is sexy , has a Nice ass, Furture supermodel and all sorts of stuff :) Shes funny cool and likes to dance , Breakdance and booty dance shes nice and likes to be with large gruops of people .
Damn tht gurl annie is so gorgues <3
by Breakdanceing gurl xo October 07, 2012
Normally a blonde girl that doesn't know much about anything. Makes fun of meat heads and is soon to be the gardeners of the world. Probably will fail of her classes.
Annie is really not smart.
by BigBuffDude69 May 31, 2015
Freak, one of the hottest women you'll ever meet in your life. Every mans fantasy woman.
I was with my wife last night and asked her to wear a statue of liberty costume and have anal sex with me, she said no. I wish she was Annie.
by ridged69 January 21, 2014
anhydrous ammonia,used to manufacture meth,annie
we need some annie to run a batch!
by slugsworth June 01, 2014

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