one of the most cheesiest girls you will ever meet. they're really nice, cute and dont like to decide on things. mostly they are a little more slow than others but eventually they'll catch on. loves to eat asian food and never gains weight. they always like to jump people. they'll come up from behind and pinch your cheeks so for you guys out there. watch out... they are shy at first but open when you get to know them. loves secrets and pick up lines.
Cheesy, Cute, Adorable, Turtle, Annie
by Rachel Bowers April 08, 2011
To be wondrous, angelic, and inspiring. To be blindingly beautiful, gorgeous, and dazzling. A woman so astonishing that one's heart cannot beat fast enough at the mere mention of her name. A woman so brilliant that your heart leaps out of your chest at the mere sight of her. A woman who tingles your senses at the mere sound of her. She is a living, walking, breathing defibrillator. Her mere attention fills you with an overwhelming warmth that makes you want to be only with her and hold her, hug her, and kiss her.

She is dazzlingly ravishing, fascinating, splendid, sublime, sumptuous, sensational, smashing and heavenly. She is transcendentally impressive, extraordinary, and endearing. She is incredibly, astoundingly, and amazingly pretty, stunning, hot, sexy, cute, adorable, cool, funny, caring, protective, smart, talented, and accomplished.

She is drop dead, Earth-shatteringly gorgeous. Unparalleled - she drives you wild. Such a work of art, that, in a millennium, historians will look back on her and say she was the definition of beauty in the 3rd millennium. She is a GODDESS.

She has the most mesmerizing and beautiful eyes the world has seen. The prettiest and yet the cutest, most adorable face you've seen. You are incredibly attracted to her.

She is your inspiration and the inspiration for all that is good. The Sun rises to watch her open her eyes. The Earth spins only because her beauty and intellect leave it spinning.
"What just happened? Where am I?"

"Annie walked by. You fainted."
by loveforce October 14, 2013
an amazing girl with the ass of a goddess
Dylan: WOAH look at annies ass
Cormac: i would SOO tap that ghetto ;)
by brieeeee ;) June 28, 2011
Annie, a dorky weird girl that everybody loves. She's brutally honest and loves to be with close friends. She likes to watch shows like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, etc. She's one of the biggest daydreamers you will meet. She loves to read book series and get totally obsessed. She is addicted to Tumblr. She will buy all merchandise in sight. She likes to earn money, but never spend it. She is extremely frugal but loves when she gets something new. She in always extremely grateful.

Annie is a hopeless romantic. She's constantly thinking about that "one" boy. She can be very picky in guys when it comes to dating, but when it comes to friendship, she'll be friends with anyway. She loves to go to dances and dance, even if she's not good at all.
-"Annie! Stop buying all the damn merchandise!"

"I want it all but I don't want to spend all my money!"

-"Who is that mosh pitting?"

"Oh, that's just Annie."

-"Annie, are you going to catch the new Episode of Doctor Who?"
"Hell yes I will!"

"I just have a lot of feelings for the fictional characters."
by herpderpderpherpmeow May 23, 2012
A very odd girl... she likes to randomly stare at people. Sometimes it gets a little creepy. She gets very strange with her close friends. She uses strange voices and has a very disturbed mind. She pictures very odd things. Sometimes her friends think she's insane. But they still love her. She's a great friend to have if you have the same sense of humor. She always has one close friend she's the strangest around. an Annie usually has Reddish brown hair and is about 5 feet 5 inches.
You know that Annie freak?
Yeah why?
Yesterday she told me that she hopes I look out my window and see a bloody little girl staring at me..... weird right?
What the f***?
by katherinetaylor11 November 14, 2011
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