Annie, a dorky weird girl that everybody loves. She's brutally honest and loves to be with close friends. She likes to watch shows like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, etc. She's one of the biggest daydreamers you will meet. She loves to read book series and get totally obsessed. She is addicted to Tumblr. She will buy all merchandise in sight. She likes to earn money, but never spend it. She is extremely frugal but loves when she gets something new. She in always extremely grateful.

Annie is a hopeless romantic. She's constantly thinking about that "one" boy. She can be very picky in guys when it comes to dating, but when it comes to friendship, she'll be friends with anyway. She loves to go to dances and dance, even if she's not good at all.
-"Annie! Stop buying all the damn merchandise!"

"I want it all but I don't want to spend all my money!"

-"Who is that mosh pitting?"

"Oh, that's just Annie."

-"Annie, are you going to catch the new Episode of Doctor Who?"
"Hell yes I will!"

"I just have a lot of feelings for the fictional characters."
by herpderpderpherpmeow May 23, 2012
The utmost adorable girl whom really likes hugs. She is the most amazing girl I know, and someone who should always be smiling. 'Cus babe. Happy looks good on you.
You see her? She must be Annie.
by ComeOnKid!>.< September 02, 2010
An extremely funny girl who is amazing at dancing, especially in physical education class. She likes to drop it low and jerk.
Damn, that girl is such a beast at dancing! Such an Annie.
by The one, the only russewnadian January 13, 2010
A super cool person, who is cooler than the person reading this shirt.
Look at Maddie, she is a real Annie today!
by Anniedillo February 06, 2010
pretty much the coolest, nicest girl ever. ever =)
1. Woah! Thank god for that person. she just gave me a pencil and complimented me oon my shirt. now im not gonna kill myself like i was planning
2. thats annie!
by Annie's BFFE March 18, 2010
the coolest chickkkkkkkkk everrrrrrrrr who is in desperate need of a totally ripped boyfriend is absolutly amazinggg and pretty and lovely <3
Annie is pretty.
by lydzzzz February 24, 2010
The most sweet awesome girl ever. She is so beautiful that only real men should have her as a wife.
Wow you should ask Annie out she is the most beautiful person i have ever seen
by J man 34578 August 16, 2010
The definition of beauty. Someone who looks so yummy, all anyone can say is, "Om nom om nom nommy!"
Oh my god, that girl in the bikini looks so Annie.
by kevinwdahair February 03, 2011
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