The cutest, sweetest, most beautiful girl in the room
My god did you see that girl, what an anne-marie...
by The other guy in the corner February 04, 2010
Top Definition
hottest chick in town, loves to make you smile. pothead.. oh yes. but she will never fail to be there for you, and she has already found her love so dont try. sexy as hell, hates rules. cant stand to be closed in. needs room to be free and to let it all out.
damn... that is one cool annemarie.
by Jacob Marlett November 10, 2007
An amazingly intelligent, savvy creature. Creative and intuitive, she is capable of any task laid before her if she chooses to pursue it. If you are pursuing an Anne Marie, do not try to do so with romantic gestures, but rather intelligence and humor; she loves to laugh. In business matters, she will have done her homework, so feel free to fire away; she can handle anything you toss her way, however, proceed with caution. She has a memory like an elephant and will not forget what you have done, in spite of the smile on her face. If you are fortunate enough to have an Anne Marie as a friend, you will be rewarded with fierce loyalty and an occasional surprise. Do not be offended by her sarcasm. Chances are she's from New York and cannot help herself. She will have the utmost respect for you if you can respond in kind.
Anne Marie, savvy, intelligent, creative
by QC Femme February 04, 2010
a straight up gangster.
"Shit, Anne Marie's coming! Roll out playas!"
by Kasey MacAwesome July 19, 2008
Loves nutella.
Anne Marie is about to spread that shit like nutella.
by janice6969 March 19, 2012
The best girl in the world.
typically a good girl for a guy named Brandon
Hay man hows that girl working out?.
Bloody awesome she is an Anne-Marie im a Brandon, made for each other
by bondy007 September 28, 2010
the cooliest shneeble mole in the hole world!!!!
omg that girl is soo cool shes like, an anne-marie
by miss turderererererererer September 23, 2008

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