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to hide in the attic and masturbate quietly so that no one hears you.
dude, lastnight I was writing in my diary and decided to do a little anne franking.
by trippysin December 29, 2011
When intoxicated minors hide from police or other authorities in an attic, basement, closet or cupboard.
Ashley said to Kellie, "Yeah we were in there all night annefranking because her dad came home early!"
by TheMrFox November 02, 2011
The act of hiding from anyone: friends, parents, authorities, for an extended period of time.
Shh guys, we're Anne Franking on these bitches.
by Phil Page June 25, 2009
(v)- the act of hotboxing an attic.
I was Anne-Franking from my parents.
by Rocko04 February 08, 2011
During a first person shooter one hides in an attic to avoid death or capture.
XXDeathdust40XX was anne Franking last night. What a nub.
by Jonny Nonuts September 17, 2009
A verb which describes when you hide your jewish girlfriend unless you want to have sex.
Too bag for that big nose, I hate Anne Franking her.
by elafarr August 28, 2007