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This girl is the most beautiful girl you will ever see. She is beautiful inside and out. Her beauty grows day by day. She needs to be loved and has fallen for idiots in the past. She may smile but she has been through a life full of pain. She says hello, how are you and is friendly to everyone. She is sometimes dismissive of people but this is only because she is dreaming of a perfect life with no pressure or pain. She wants high school to be a friend of everyones, even the nerds. Accept her as she accepts you. She is the best kisser and lover you will ever know. If you get her, your lucky.
by CALI.FORN.EAAA February 10, 2013
A blonde who can stun you with her beauty, and sometimes her lack of intelligence. She is funny and playful and usually can't say no.
Roberto: Dude that babe is such an Annarose!

Eric: If her name isn't Annarose, then i'll legally change it to Annarose!
by blondeandthebronde January 16, 2010

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