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Annahi is a beautiful person with an amazing personality! The person who is shy at first but once you know her she's down to earth. She is very smart but has her blonde moments. She is a very fun person who gets along with almost anyone! She isn't the most confident person even though she may have a sexy body and a big booty. She is very funny and weird but you'll get to fall in love with her because of those reasons. Annahi is simply the person to be around with! You can't live without her uniqueness. Find yourself an Annahi pronto
#beautiful #weird #funny #amazing #sexy
by 433811aj October 18, 2013
A very attractive girl who gets many guys. She is a big flirt but knows her limits. She is very flexible and is great in bed. I consider finding an Annahi if you'd want amazing sex.
#flexible #amazing #sexy #attractive #freak
by carlos8314 October 19, 2013
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