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starred in 'from russia with muff' alongside luke dalton, and is most widely known for the scene in which he rubs his pubes in her face and screams 'say you want my muff you dirty minx' over and over again

was also seen in 'sex with strangers' and 'for a fistful of come', her most widely known films
hey look its anna maran, lets get her autograph

no dont go near her i hear she has air-born herpes
#anna #maroon #luke dalton #zebra #coco pops #filthy ho #slag #pregnant
by the one and only scrane March 03, 2008
the actoress who plays ginny weasley in the harry potter films. rumoured to have been caught in bed with professor snape whilst on set at 'the prisoner of azkaban', she has been shunned by the main characters ever since

whether snape was hiv-positive before or after this incident remains a mystery
hey look its anna maran, lets get her autographs

anna maran was really good in the chamber of secrets, but she hasn't been that good since then
#anna maroon #scrane #lumble #filch #wikipedia #anal slug
by hannah lane March 05, 2008
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