Ridiculously tight legged jeans. Another term for skinny jeans. They were most commonly worn by people belonging to the "punk" genre back when punk WAS actually punk. Now can be found on almost every femininely slender legged teen.
Evan: WOW! now those are some seriously tight ankle biters Todd. Are you really gonna try and tell me those are comfortable to wear?

Todd: Gotta look good for my (insert genres of music some asshole mashed together) gig tonight. Gonna be some hot ladies there that I'm gonna try and hook up with!!

Evan: Um....when they're 16 and under we call them "girls", not "ladies" Todd.
by HecklnDecalr June 16, 2010
Top Definition
A little kid; a rug rat.
Only ankle-biters like Barney; everyone else wants to barbecue him.
by Cornholio October 31, 2003
a toddler. A child between the ages of 1 and 4.
"Yeah, she's all married an' got a buncha little ankle biters runnin' around"
by Sonyx O'Shea June 26, 2003
a catch-all term for small dogs who tend, as a group, to be tough, feisty litle beasts and are often touchy and quarrelsome.
many of the terrier breeds
by CRICKLWOOD April 15, 2005
A small dog.
Our postman hates coming here because of our ankle biter dog!
by no1 November 30, 2003
Someone or something that bites your ankles.
To a postman, an ankle biter is often known as a dog.
To an adult, an ankle biter may be a toddler.
To hikers, an ankle biter is sometimes a tick.
And so on.
"Dang ankle biter took off my whole leg!!"
by the sane maniac February 02, 2004
Someone who cannot rise to your level, and who can only bite your ankles instead of being able to really bite your head off.

Folks of lower altitude.
My boss is an ankle biter and he's doing well as such
by Scotty Breauxman January 20, 2008
(On the Internet)

A user who attempts to troll other users, but lacks the skills required. An ineffective troll.
Can we get some real trolls in this forum, these ankle biters are becoming annoying.

Keep trying anklebiter, someday you may grow into a real troll.
by seemynewname-yahoo May 30, 2009

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