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1.) a person who bends over to grab their ankles during anal sex
2.) slang: a homosexual
i bet Dave is an ankle grabber, hes never had a girlfriend
by Whipshock July 23, 2003
when a womans ankles are grabbed during sex. can be done by either party.
fuck and get up is how i do them stank hoes. - Ice Cube
by major_delmac March 04, 2005
when either a guy or girl is standing up, and they bend over and grab their ankles while recieving anal sex.
as long as there's lube and a condom, i'm an ankle grabber! oh, and hopefully something to bite down on.
by June 06, 2007
A person who bends over and grabs his or her ankles so they can receive anal sex.
Ian likes to have sex with men by bending over and taking it in the butt. Therefore, Ian is an ankle grabber.
by Ben Stoned May 29, 2008
A two-shot drink. One part tequila, one part Bailey's.
Two pints and an ankle grabber please.
by Lee November 26, 2003
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