one who is awesome and beautiful; angel-like
Dude, look at her, she is so anissa!
by Spencer L. March 09, 2007
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sexual, gorgeous, amazing, smart, hott, ridiculously perfect booty
"She's so Anissa dude! I can't believe how wonderful she is!"
by Niss January 10, 2008
a crazy but awesome girl, easy to talk to and incredibly sexy even though she acts like she doesn't know. She likes having a great time and is pretty laid back. She is beatuiful in and out. Every guy seems to be drawn to her and not just because of her amazing ass-ets.
1. Wow i wish i could be like her.
2. Me too! Every guys wants her.
1. She is soooo Anissa.
2. I want to be just like her.
by tyler.vals(t.v)=) February 21, 2010
to be Awesome; one who is awesome
She is so amazing and so anissa
by b ran 9 February 07, 2010
She is a sheepherder. That's it!
by LOOOOLkiijf September 29, 2011

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