very pretty, smart but sometimes dumb, fun as hell to be around; may get a little crazy, falls in love easy, freaky, shy sometimes, a tease unique; not your average, special and worth it, you don't want to loose her
My ex girl friend was an anisa, i miss being with her
I don't need a bad babe i need an anisa
by Kylie Jackson April 15, 2010
n;when you are called anisa that means you are as sweet as a cuppy cake; the best compliment you could ever get from somebody.
"yesterday my man bought me a big screen T.V. I told him he was such an anisa"
by robitussen August 24, 2006
The sweetest girl you will ever meet. She will love you unconditionally,but if you hurt her she will not forgive you. She plays video games with you and loves spending time with you either way and understands that you both need space. She is extremely intelligent but will never put you down if you don't understand something.Her beauty stuns you and you feel like you are the luckiest person alive.Honestly, you think she's the perfect mate. If you ever meet someone like this,NEVER let her go! You should be honored if someone calls you an Anisa.
Guy: Dude...i really wish i could meet an Anisa...
Guy 2: I've already met mine.
Guy: *sigh* lucky bastard...
Guy 2: *starts making a definition of Anisa*
by LuckyGuy22378 June 17, 2011
Anime obssessed, unique, fun, trustworthy, loyal, BEAUTIFUL! And my best friend! <3 loves the rain and animals.
I wish i was an Anisa.
by WHO CARE?! December 29, 2009
An Anisa is a loyal, witty, and very beautiful girl who will love you unconditionally and will always try to encourage you, she really won't like it if you think little of yourself, she is the perfect friend, never let an Anisa go, but be careful with her because she can be pretty fragile. The perfect example of a true friend.
Whoa, she's an Anisa!
by ordinaryrunofthemill November 27, 2012
This girl is sweet , something's feels lonely but doesn't show it , cares about her fam especially her kids . This princese will have ur back into the end . If you have her never disrespect her . She is limited edition
Cool friend named anisa
by Ckskk June 25, 2013
the hottest person you will EVER meet in your life!! if you ever meet an anisa you MUSTt bang her instanly!!! they will be the BEST person you ever bang!! they give some good head too
hi my name is anisa
ANISA?!!? heyy uhhh wanna come see my room;)
by hellomush April 05, 2010

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