A fansubbing group of lazy pedos.
Located in IRC #animeone
by Bob the Builder January 04, 2004
Top Definition
a good fansubbing group
tachikoma special is an animeone release
by [TBU]Kei July 07, 2003
yep it was a Fansub Group once with good rules nice channel politics and interesting subs lately just boring the mainchan filled with lots of people the subbinggroup unable to finish what they start and seems like they lost support by other groups reason prolly all this habits
by Chris Redfield July 30, 2003
Overrated, mediocre anime subbing group with delusions of grandeur. Best known as "that other Naruto subber." Due to their tireless effort at self-promotion, and with the help of legions of Narutards, they generally have a positive reputation among casual anime watchers.
Has AnimeOne released the newest Naruto yet?
by Nigel Fitzsimmons July 25, 2005
Lamers which tend to talk about ppl behind there back and making worst fansubs i.e. Naruto
"Sakura 32"
by Cif May 14, 2003
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