anime, annoying ass cartoons so fucking shitting damn cheesy there mouths dont even move to the wordz and the men always have long hair wtfz?
anime is fucked the shit up
by cockrocker42 April 01, 2006
Crap they pass of as TV.
Damn man, why are you watching that anime?
by Shizno May 22, 2005
noun: a style of animation that originated and is still heavily centered in Japan.

The word 'anime' is based on the original japanese pronunciation of the american word 'animation.'

The stereotype of the anime style are characters with proportionally large eyes and hair styles and colors that are very colorful and exotic. The plots range from very immature (kiddy stuff), through teenage level, to mature (violence, content, thick plot). The classification of 'hentai' is given to animes of a stong sexual nature.

Although over 95% of anime has nothing perverted about it, most closed-minded idiots think anime is always a form of pronography.
Although most people stop watching 'cartoons' in their early teens, there are 'animes' for all age groups.
by john3 September 09, 2014
Most people say anime is a cartoon, although it's not. Anime is a Japenese show, which of course, is animated. Usually it's in Japenese unless it's English-dubbed. There are all types of animes: horror, romantic, funny, action, etc. The anime characters may look cartoonish but that doesn't make anime cartoons. Anybody of any age can watch anime.
Some animes are:

Soul Eater
One Piece

Sword Art Online
Mirrai Nikki

~and many more~
by Anime May 05, 2014
The most retarded shit ever. The characters eyes are big and the women dress half naked and their boobs practically pop out of there tight usually school girl outfits. Retarded plots that are confusing and make daytime soap operas look like kindergarten math as far as understanding goes. The characters mouth are non-existent when talking, but when laughing become huge. Also everyone that watches it is lame and immature as hell. They talk in cutsey voices and make me want to bitch slap them. Aslo theres porno of it, which is fucking clown shoes since u can get real porno everywhere. Its gay shit.
anime is for retarded queers who fuck their mothers in the anus.
by Ranger Rimjob April 01, 2005
'Anime' a Japanese word. Although the direct translation is derived from 'Animation' or 'Cartoon', the Japanese anime is very different to the American, European and most other countries cartoons. While cartoons from other countries are generally for ages

4-9, anime in Japan can be anything between 4-11 to 12/13-up. While some children's (4-11) anime is a lot like the cartoons in other countries, there are also very adult anime's (12/13-up), which is very different. Usually the more adult anime's has a thicker more interesting plot, violence, character death and occasionally swearing. A lot of people think that anime has a lot of sexual innuendo's and or scenes, but really there aren't that many, there is just a big fuss about it when people hear about it. It seems that Japanese children are used to violent and or sexual references on TV than children in the UK (Not meant in a racist way, I just read about it. Please leave a comment if you were offended in anyway).

People generally have mixed feelings about anime, they might watch it and enjoy it, but be afraid of their friend's finding out and thinking they were watching Spongebob Square-pants. Although anime has become about ten times more popular across the UK and America in recent years than ever before, it is still unheard of to 8 in 10 people.

Another version of anime is 'Manga' which is basically just a comic version of anime.
Naruto, Attack on Titan, Death Note, Fulmetal Alchemist and Fairy Tail are some of my favourite anime's.
by Naruto Note March 07, 2015
the most amazing thing you will ever come to know. It's a drug that's very addicting. anime is life.
... start a new anime or homework?? ..... start a new anime! * turns on laptop and goes to funimation website and chooses anime to watch*
by Black Soul January 04, 2015

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