The best and worst thing that will ever happen to you, you may lose your abdominal muscles, friends, girlfriends and/or boyfriends and everyone you loved but its worth it just to see one more sadistic episode of Death Note.
idk just anime
by Phantom_radar January 25, 2015
A Idiotic Type Of Cartoon From Japan That Is Very Dumb.
Lets Go Watch Dumb Anime
by NYCKid December 22, 2008

Is the reason you are loosing an average of 4 hours of sleep per night; seeing your grades drop steadily; loosing at least 5G storage on your phone/computer; slowly becoming bankrupt (for some 'weird' reason); evolving slowly into a hermit crab that only moves occasionally to feed on pocky (or other Weeaboo captivated objects); and forgetting to go outside on most days (ahem, everyday).

It is also the concept that bought us all together in an element; formed a bond; changed your sentiment on life; took you on individual adventures (despite the fact that you never actually moved from your beds); and last of all, opened up a new world for you.
"Man, what happened to your grades?"
"Anime happened."

"Do you have any inspiration for us, Mr/Mrs President?"
"Idk, go home and watch some anime."
by Blyth November 04, 2015
the most amazing thing you will ever come to know. It's a drug that's very addicting. anime is life.
... start a new anime or homework?? ..... start a new anime! * turns on laptop and goes to funimation website and chooses anime to watch*
by Black Soul January 04, 2015
Anime stands for animation people mostly mistake anime for cartoons but the difference between anime and cartoons is the artwork and the difference in ages.To Tell the truth doraemon is a japanese cartoon and attack on titan is an anime.Mostly cartoons are for kids and anime is for all ages.

For you people who haven't watched anime you should watch some now Cuz anime is really awesome and a work of art.
Anime: awesome animation a work of art
by Fujoshi-Sama January 03, 2015
A style of Japanese animation that has become increasingly popular in the pop culture of many Western societies in recent years. It has a number of genres from all ages and has created a large fan base as well as many people that are opposed to it. You can find many stores selling anime merchandise in American stores as well as many American anime conventions.
They decided to check out the local anime con, where they found a crowd of cosplayers.
by RoamingDaisy November 16, 2014
The most retarded shit ever. The characters eyes are big and the women dress half naked and their boobs practically pop out of there tight usually school girl outfits. Retarded plots that are confusing and make daytime soap operas look like kindergarten math as far as understanding goes. The characters mouth are non-existent when talking, but when laughing become huge. Also everyone that watches it is lame and immature as hell. They talk in cutsey voices and make me want to bitch slap them. Aslo theres porno of it, which is fucking clown shoes since u can get real porno everywhere. Its gay shit.
anime is for retarded queers who fuck their mothers in the anus.
by Ranger Rimjob April 01, 2005

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