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A stupid japanese themed cartoon that wierd people watch.

All the characters have massive eyes, crazy hairstyles and have noses like dogs.

Anime cartoons are things like Pokémon, Dragonball GT ect.
John's Friend: Hey, did you watch Pokémon last night?
by John Clarkie January 27, 2008
217 160
A type of cartoon watched by people with no life.
The nerd went to go watch anime and jack off at the same time.
by Snakes on Plane September 02, 2006
308 251
The Japanese artists who draw anime females seem to have a serious cat fetish. Seriously, just look at the female faces. Don't they look catlike? With the small noses, huge mouths, and big watery, cute, hypnotic eyes. Not that it matters though, since the babes have big, bouncing, perfect tits and sexy, curvacious asses to go with the faces, and cats are cool. God I wanna get me one of those girls to make my dick very happy :^))
Anime babes are fuckably HOT, too bad the male characters just don't know what they're missing by NOT fucking them already.
by Toad March 31, 2003
246 190
A Idiotic Type Of Cartoon From Japan That Is Very Dumb.
Lets Go Watch Dumb Anime
by NYCKid December 22, 2008
221 167
Japanese cartoons and animations that you shouldn't watch unless you're either under the age of 10 or just have no life. Here's an idea... grow up, get a job, and stop arguing about if American or Japanese cartoons are better (I hate both).
40 year old loser: OMG!!! Kenshen just pwned cacashi wit t3h EISEN!!!! I luv anime!! -__-

normal person: ...Shut the fuck up.
by barthumeal April 22, 2006
251 197
Pronounced gay, it is the worst form of entertainment ever, created by a bunch of Japanese faggots that eat mushrooms all day, and for those of you who like it... entertainment.

A bunch of fags watch it, all it is is a bunch of fags with fucked up hair screaming out loud with power, and follow your heart shit... It's Linkin' Park's love movie...
IM A FUCKING FAG I WATCH ANIME! Hooray! I witnessed the power of love! GASP!!!!
by Mitch Varley March 29, 2006
261 207
Japanese cartoons, same as most other cartoons save the horendous hyperbole in the hair, eyes, and generally make excessive use of bright lights. Often involves such FASCINATING INTELLECTUAL subjects as tentacle rape and people in school girl outfits...that are continuously raped by tentacles.
Most Japanese anime has a school girl in it who is vigorously raped by tentacles.
by ? June 23, 2004
266 215