the legal way to beat off to an 8 year old
anime: just look around the internet... im sure you'll find an example.
god damned pedophiles....
by captain yar October 25, 2005
Animation originating from Japan containing the best imaginary women possibly, badass guys, and beautiful music all in one package. Plenty of anime shows out there though not all of them are awesome as well not all of them suck. Not to be confused with hentai which is... porn.
Boy: "Hey you wanna watch some anime with me on FUNimation?"

Girl: "Sure, I love anime!"

by LoneWolf6 June 21, 2011
1. A japanese term derived from a french term referring to animation. anime=animation=cartoons

2. An excuse to watch cartoons without embarrassment and palm it off as being "appreciative of fine art," and so giving the watcher a reason to go ballistic anytime anyone utters the slightest criticism of his/her taste and/or choice of hobby.

3. An overused method of worshipping a culture one has never had any real connection with, while constantly hating and acting disgusted with the often more socially advanced culture one currently resides with(see "Wapanese," and "Filipino," at
least in reference to SoCal).
Otaku: "Hello!"

Man: "Hi, can you tell me where the nearest video store is?"

Otaku: "Anime is NOT cartoons! You f***ing uneducated pigdog!"

Man: ::fearing for his life::"never mind..."
by SPeLliNg LykE tHIs Iz LaMe May 09, 2003
a common term for japanese animation, usually based off of manga (japanese graphic novels). it often recieves hate here in the western world because some people havent really seen it or they think all animation is for children. usually, with the exception of studio bones, the animation itself is very lack-luster. something comon i've read here on urban dictionary is that its, "the legal way to jerk it to an 8 year old.", this is not true, while many anime's do actually have quite a bit of sexual humor, you cant call it that. however it has recieved much popularity here for the teenage demographic as well. also another thing is people known as weeaboo, people who get WAAAAAAAAAY over obsessive over anime, and otaku, the japanese term for a geek, or in america's case, people who are really into anime but dont exactly cross into weeaboo terratory, are shut ins with no life, again not true.
guy: hey lets go watch some cowboy bebop.

anime hater: yeah its the only one of those animes thats actually any good
by ONIMUSHA11 October 27, 2010
The Japanese artists who draw anime females seem to have a serious cat fetish. Seriously, just look at the female faces. Don't they look catlike? With the small noses, huge mouths, and big watery, cute, hypnotic eyes. Not that it matters though, since the babes have big, bouncing, perfect tits and sexy, curvacious asses to go with the faces, and cats are cool. God I wanna get me one of those girls to make my dick very happy :^))
Anime babes are fuckably HOT, too bad the male characters just don't know what they're missing by NOT fucking them already.
by Toad March 31, 2003
A jap cartoon featuring a guy/girl with huge ass purple hair eating ramen while kicking other japanese ninja asses.

bill"its a purple cartoon with ramen -.-"
by william liu August 10, 2008
Another form of story telling that uses animation as its medium. Just like how books use text, movies use actors. Anime uses animation to tell the story, and can be very serious or very funny.

Either way anime is just another way of telling a story, all stereotypes attached to it are unnecessary.
Have you watched Monster? That is one of the darkest anime I've ever seen... It really goes deep into the humanity of good vs evil.
by hiei_op March 26, 2013

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